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Tales From The Salon Fabula

(Art book project)

“I am the teller of the tale, not the creator of the story”   (Michael Powell)


Tales from The Salon Fabula is a participatory book project based around themes of story telling and collaboration.  It is open to all women (and anyone identifying as) from age 0 to 100+. 


What is it About?

The Surrealists developed a game called Exquisite Corpse, based on the parlour game Consequences. Players each take a turn drawing on a section of a sheet of paper, folded to conceal the drawing, the player passes it on to the next contributor. Once unfolded, strange (surreal) images  are revealed. In the parlour game of Consequences, each player contributes to an ad-lib spoken word story. Both games allow us to leave things to chance. No one can predict how the story unfolds or how it will end.


This collaborative project is the second to emerge from The Salon Fabula. The idea originated from the desire to have women (and anyone identifying as) of all generations talking with each other, working together, creating together and developing creative dialogue in a positive, proactive, non-competitive way.  Contributors don’t need to be artists or of any artistic persuasion, they are simply required to make and do (using hands, feet or any other applied technique they wish).   


How Does it Work?


It works in a similar way to the Travelling Moleskines, but here, the invitation is to “read” the previous pages first, then continue the story as the 'reader' (you) has interpreted the story so far: be it drawing, painting, photography, text, video, collage, mixed media, sound, sewing, found. There is no singular theme and there are no rules except that the contribution is a response to (interpretation of) the previous pages as the reader has read them.


Interim exhibitions at stages of the book’s journey will serve as a way to showcase the work of the participants and hopefully engage more women to take part…   


Take Part


If you would like to take part please get in touch via the Contact Page or email


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